Water Sports Activities

Parasailing - Sanur


Enjoy the beautiful panorama of Sanur Beach by air suspended by a parachute towed by speed boat with simple instruction everyone can do it. We look out for your safety on take off and catch you when you landed.

Rubber Banana Boat

An inflatable BANANA shaped boat which is towed by a speed boat on the blue lagoon of Sanur Beach. The ride is wild likened to ride on a Dolphins back, it a lots of fun.

Turtle Island Tour

An exciting boat trip to another island. Here you will be able to see TURTLES in a traditional pool within the village and learn about the life of a TURTLE. You may also visit one of the Temples of Bali “PURA SAKENAN”.

Banana BoatGlass Bottom boat

Enable you to view life underwater without getting wet. See tropical fish and colorful coral reefs.

Water Skiing

No need to have experience, we have instruction on hand to teach you how to WATER SKI for a challenging ride.

Jet Ski / Wave Runner

For those who create for excitement and trill, board our highly powered JET SKI for a challenging ride.

JUKUNG / Traditional Boat

Experience the exotic ride with traditional boat “JUKUNG”, traditional fishing boats that line the coastal share of Sanur, these colorful vessels use only one main cloth sail and in favorable winds can skim them ocean surface at fairly rapid pace. Since the tourism booming on the seventies in Sanur-Bali the traditional boat Favorite as recreational vessel.