IDR 675.000 / PAX / 1x DIVE

IDR 945.000 / PAX / 2x DIVE

A beautiful under water panorama with thousands of beautiful tropical fish, soft coral and spongers growing on the 25 kilometers of barrier reef. You can find a variety of marine life here, from lion fish and sea horses to puffer fish and moray eels.

  • Sanur Channel.
  • Penjor Reef.
  • Jeladi Willis.


IDR 1.687.500 / PAX / 2x DIVE

This island is located on the east of Sanur (45 minutes by speed boat), is actually one of the three sister island of Bali. The white sandy bottom and exceptionally crystal cool water present you with an assortment of fishes and marine vegetation. Here you can enjoy impressive wall dives, often find sun fish (mola mola) in season.

  • Toyapakeh.
  • Sental, PED and S.
  • Blue Corner.
  • Vertigo Point.
  • Crystal Bay.
  • Gamat Bay.


IDR 1.755.000/ PAX / 2x DIVE

Spectacular under water panorama. Should you dive to see the Manta Ray, here is the place that we can take you. Diving in 12 to 15 meters depth. How to get there? Only 50 minutes by boat from Sanur.

  • Manta Point.
  • Manta Bay.
  • Malibu Point.


IDR 1.147.500 / PAX / 2x DIVE

A US Merchantman, USAT Liberty sunk during World War II in 6 to 30 meters provides an unforgettable diving experiences. The wreck is fully grown with different varietes of clams, gorgoniouns, corals and with feeding fishes in the lava flowing around Mount Agung.

  • Kubu.
  • Palung Palung.
  • Batu Kelebit.
  • Emerald.
  • USAT Liberty Wreck.
  • Coral Garden.
  • Drop Off / Wall.


IDR 1.147.500 / PAX / 2x DIVE

Amed is only approximately 2 hour drive from Sanur. Some dive sites are accessible from the shore, some others by boat. You will see pretty corals and great macro marine life such as leaf scorpion fish, pygmy seahorse and cuttlefish. There are but occasionally larger marine life such as turtles and if you are lucky white-tip and black-tip reefsharks.

  • Jemelyuk Bay & Fish Pyramid.
  • Bunutan Point.
  • Japanese Wreck.
  • Gili Selang.


IDR 1.755.000 / PAX / 2x DIVE

Menjangan is located in North-West Bali, approximately 4-5 hours drive from Sanur. An underwater park famous for its great variety of corals, sponges, tropical reef fishes and its crystal clear water and amazing drop off’s. The park name is Menjangan National Marine Park.

  • Anker Wreck.
  • Garden Eel Point.
  • Pos II.


IDR 1.147.500 / PAX / 2x DIVE

Padang Bai is 1 hour trip by car from Sanur. It close to Candidasa dive site, about 20 minutes. You find some great coral gardens teeming with marine life such as anemone fish and octopus. Occasionally you will find sharks and turtles, great muck diving sites with special critters such as frog fish, seahorses and the rare blue-ringed octopus.

  • Biaha.
  • Tepekong (Grand Canyon).
  • Mimpang (Wall, Shark Point).
  • Blue Lagoon.
  • Gili Selang.


Bali offers ultimate muck diving sites. Pygmee seahorse, then dives to spot the weird and wonderful critters, frog fish, dragonettes, rhinopias, mimic octopus, blue ring octopus and many more. They are spread out across the island. All excellent dive sites for photographers. If you mainly like to dive on coral, muck-diving is not your thing, but if you like the excitement of spotting cool marine life, these dive sites should definitely be on your wish list.

  • The Jetty.
  • Puri Jati & Kalang Anyar.
  • Seraya.
  • Secret Bay.
  • Mimpi Channel.
  • Pemuteran Biorock.
  • Tulamben Tianyar.
  • Amed Ghost Bay.



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